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Welcome to the Legion!

Welcome home!

This is the home of the Victory server's friendliest and most active supergroup, the Legion of Valor. We hope it will become your home, too.

Our members are helpful and polite, both inside the supergroup and in City of Heroes at large. Not just because we're superheroes, but because we strive to create a community where fair play, loyalty, and respect are valued and where both the most grizzled veteran and the newest member of the Legion family feel equally at home. We take care of each other because that's what we think is fun and rewarding about being part of an online community.

We are an active group, and we have the facilities and the prestige to match. In our eight years of operation, we've received Players Choice Awards, web site awards, and writeups in national publications. All much appreciated—but not our main purpose. We're here to enjoy the game and to enjoy the company of our fellow Legionnaires.

Come play with us. You'll be proud to be part of the legend, just as we will be proud of you.

Legion Wrist Radio
Chica Supreme 7/8/2015 8:03 PM
yes!!! Come join us at Paragon Chat
Shenku 7/8/2015 4:25 PM
And be sure to type "/chan_join Legion of Valor" without the quotes to join the LoV channel!
Shenku 7/8/2015 4:24 PM
Paragon Chat, a temporary City of Heroes based Chat server has been launched, go sign up on the Titan Network and get setup if you haven't already!,11060.0.html
Elihu 1/20/2015 4:10 AM
Hey LoVers! Miss you all
ashsp 1/2/2015 2:18 PM
Happy New Year 2015 everyone !


Palindrome, Jul 6, 10 11:18 AM.
Attention, Legionnaires! I'd like to take a moment to welcome our new members. Over the last month, we've been joined by the heroes davpa, Cosmic Gladiator, Seizure, PsychoJester, Superfortress, Onyx_CoH, Torched Knight, Lightslinger, and SynKiller. Please join me in welcoming them to the Legion of Valor and in making them feel at home. May their stay be long and their hearts be filled with loyalty, honor, and respect!

Giant Monsters! Super Creeps! Follow-Up

KidDecorum, Jun 15, 10 12:31 PM.
Submitted By Decorum:

Giant Monsters! Super Creeps!

The team begins

Paragon City, RI (IP) - On Wednesday, May 26, an unprecedented rash of giant monsters struck Paragon City, but timely intervention of heroes led by the Legion of Valor averted the catastrophe, saving hundreds of lives and potential billions in property damage.

Alerted to the events while on monitor duty, Legion of Valor member Decorum used the super-group's enormous influence to gather a squad to answer the potential disaster. Nuclear-Warhead coordinated the team via Legion communicator. At various times the team included Legion of Valor members Scarlet Spirit, Depleted U, Valorem, Thermal Flux, Sound-Barrier and Doc Spectral, as well as non-members Sapphire Bullets, Kentron, Kineticist?, and Xombie Boxer.

The team traveled first to the twice-hit Salamanca to tackle the vile Jack-in-Irons and then the pumpkin-headed Eochai. Then they parted the fogs of Astoria to take on the giant zombie Adamastor. Kings Row was the sight of the next conflict, as the team handily defeated the Clockwork Paladin on a rampage. It was in the woods of Perez Park that the great green blob known as the Kraken fell beneath the powers of the heroes. Then a trip to the lonely deserted confines of Baumton resulted in the final defeat of the gigantic robot Babbage. The huge rock creature named Jurassik wielded a luxury automobile as a club in the areas of old Venice known as Crey's Folly, but to no avail as the team reduced him to rubble.  That left one monster, and this the biggest of them all.

Larger than any foe faced before, the enormous octopus Lusca loomed dangerously in Independence Port.  It was a long and hard fight, and casualties were had, but diligence and some team additions proved to be the ultimate doom of the tentacled terror.

The city awarded a multitude of badges to those involved and the city breathed easy once again.

Newspaper photo by Scarlet Spirit; additional photos courtesy of Scarlet Spirit and Nuclear-Warhead available in the 2010 Events Gallery.

American Alien's Hollows Badge Extravaganza Follow-Up

KidDecorum, Jun 12, 10 6:18 PM.
Submitted By American Alien:

06/08/10 - Hollows Badge Extravaganza
It turns out that spawning Magmite Lords is a little trickier than one would imagine. As well, there seems to be fewer Outcast and Troll bosses wandering around the Hollows than I remembered.

Luckily, Ambulatory2000 came up with the idea that our luck would be better if we entered the catacombs beneath the Hollows and, lo and behold, you couldn't spit without hitting a Caliban or Ogre. Regenerator badges were earned by all.

Realizing that the rest of the night might drag, Ambulatory2000 then suggested picking up the exploration and history badges for the Hollows, so dragging my butt around the zone, we got the Ironic, Parapsychologist, Seeker of Monsters, Geologist, Graffiti Communicator, Backwoodsman, Circle Seeker, Gangland Fury, Wincott's Ally and Digger badges.

In addition, Ambulatory 2000 got the Paradigm badge for sidekicking me.

I'd like to thank IneffableBob for making sure this event was truly an extravaganza!

Long live the Legion!

American Alien's Kraken Hunt Follow-Up

KidDecorum, May 24, 10 12:01 AM.
Submitted By American Alien:

05-12-10 - American Alien's Kraken Hunt

Team Kraken
I'll tell you something about the Kraken, he owes me twenty bucks. You'd think I would have learned my lesson about lending giant monsters cash, but I'm a soft-hearted alien. I can prove it, feel my calf.

Anyways, when I lamented my woes to my fellow legionnaires, they all said I should know better, except for Plasmathorn. He said we teach this deadbeat a lesson.

And with the help of David Dark, Twilights Protector and oO Bug Oo, we did, Unleasher badges were earned by all. Never more will Perez Park be terrorized by the giant, purple least, until he respawns.

And Plasmathorn and I earned the Hellspawned, Soul Binder, Bone Crusher and Kill Skuls badges while we were waiting for the big gelatinous dummy to show up.

Long live the Legion! And thanks to everyone who showed up and/or lent their assistance.

Positron's Task Force...Revised! Follow-Up

KidDecorum, May 23, 10 11:50 PM.
Submitted By Fire Me:

05-04-10 Positron's Task Force...
Revised - Team 2
One group of heroes just wasn't enough for everything Positron had to offer, so we brought two! Two teams of heroes defeated Vahz, Clocks, and CoT in a battle to save the Faultline dam. Dam Heroes all around!


Palindrome, May 4, 10 11:13 AM.
Attention, Legionnaires! I'd like to take a moment to welcome our new members. Over the last month, we've been joined by the heroes Liberty Rings, Blast Phemy, Varmint, Epyonaku, drice6900, olufdebang, and TB7. Please join me in welcoming them to the Legion of Valor and in making them feel at home. May their stay be long and their hearts be filled with loyalty, honor, and respect!

Sister Psyche TF Follow-Up

KidDecorum, Apr 20, 10 9:58 PM.
Submitted By Flame of Ebony:

04/15/10 - Sister Psyche TF
We had so many heroes volunteer to help out Sister Psyche that she had to find more Freaks for us! David Dark, Dry Ice Killer, EpyonakU, Flame of Ebony, Necrostance, Scarlet Spirit, and Scarlet Will joined non-Legionaires Bull Chop, Clarisse Lane, and Cold-Angel to catch Clamor and her Freakshow in a pincer attack. Both teams had their earplugs handy and had no trouble stopping the sonic attacks on Paragon City!

Featured Player - Wynd

Palindrome, Apr 4, 10 10:43 AM.
On behalf of the Legion of Valor/Fallen Legion, I would like to recognize and thank Wynd for her valuable contributions to our online family of superheroes. Wynd has been a long time Legion Member and started playing CoX the day after it was launched. We greatly appreciate Wynd's willingness to team, help out other Legionnaires and post her thoughts regarding the game and other related subjects enhancing the game experience for all of us. These are just a few of the reasons why Wynd was selected as one of our Featured Players. So when you get a chance, go ahead and click over to the forums and read all about Wynd in the Legionnaire.

                                                                                                                                Wynd by rhardo (colored by spidey0318)

Prisoner Roundup Follow-Up

KidDecorum, Mar 25, 10 1:16 PM.
Submitted By Meena Dark:

03/19/10 Prisoner Roundup
The Prisoner Roundup was a success. Many escapees have now been returned to their cells. The attending heroes were rewarding with The Warden Badge, as well as the Mob Specialist Gladiator for their efforts.


Palindrome, Mar 4, 10 10:49 AM.
Attention, Legionnaires! I'd like to take a moment to welcome our new members. Over the last month, we've been joined by the heroes Paxidikae, statesgirl, Mastive Shock, Munchmonkey, and Scotticus Maximus. Please join me in welcoming them to the Legion of Valor and in making them feel at home. May their stay be long and their hearts be filled with loyalty, honor, and respect!
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